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Nov 17, 2006 at 11:45 AM

My plan for BAMP is simple and incorporates several themes - Unity, WEALTH, Association, Unionism

Unity - between QEH doctors and those outside QEH e.g. GPs, polyclinic, specialists

Wealth - strong finances to fund union and association business with confidence

Association - Medical association that takes the lead in all health matters in the country, setting standards

Union- Strong union, united in its commitment to all members

BAMP needs to be seen and to be active.


How can all this be achieved?…

Strong commitment, good working relationships, functional committees and subcommittees with focused leaders and enthusiasm are some of the good qualities that will help BAMP to be successful.


A bit about BAMP council…

The president is chairman and directs policy, generally by consensus as the preferred approach. Implementation is via members of council in official positions or via committees and sub committees. I expect persons to do their assigned jobs in a timely manner. The other members of Council have various duties under their portfolios (see BAMP Constitution) and work closely with me to achieve the best for our Association


BAMP Bulletin…

Council’s objectives for the Bulletin:

  • Refashion the bulletin to meet the needs of the new members of BAMP.
  • An electronic version in PDF format to be considered and made available online
  • Have sections for each sector of BAMP -
    • QEH
    • JDA
    • GPs
    • Polyclinics
    • Bayview Hospital
    • UWI
  • Editorial –improve the content of of the editorial and tackle the hard and controversial issues from BAMP’s perspective.

Our membership is a bout 350 people but it does not reflect the total numbers of registered medical practitioners in Barbados. One of this year’s objectives is to expand our membership base.

We need a united BAMP, a strong BAMP. For unless we all support each other and stick together, petty egos, fragmentation and special interest groups will destroy the organization.

I ask council and members to join me in as together we chart a new path to strength, wealth, professionalism and unity.

Dr. Carlos A. Chase

BAMP President

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