About Us

Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners

What is BAMP?

The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) is the umbrella organization for physicians and medical students in Barbados. It functions as a trade union and a professional organization.

Trade Union

BAMP will negotiate to secure the best possible working conditions for you.

Professional Organization

BAMP maintains and upholds the highest standards to defend the integrity of the medical profession.

BAMP provides input to governmental associations and other national bodies in the formulation of health-related policies; assists in the promotion and improvement of health standards, sponsors medical conferences and encourages research.

Why should I join?

BAMP is an association created by doctors to support each other throughout all stages of their medical career.

The profession of medicine cannot survive without the development of junior doctors and BAMP is devoted to nurturing this development through collegiality, mentorship and advocacy.

There is no Barbadian organization that is better suited to understand and respond to the needs and concerns of doctors.

BAMP membership provides the unity among medical practitioners that strengthens our ability to negotiate on your behalf.  Wage negotiation, employment contracts or any other workplace injustice, BAMP is here to support you.

BAMP membership gives you the opportunity to represent the medical profession on national committees and assist in policy development.

BAMP membership allows doctors to collectively advocate for change in our healthcare system.

BAMP membership provides you with discounted rates at various businesses islandwide.

BAMP membership gives you the opportunity to join our group health and life insurance policies at competitive rates.

By contributing to the BAMP Journal your medical opinion and research may be published and shared with the local and regional medical community.

BAMP keeps you informed about opportunities for CME, as well as non-medical conferences which may be of benefit to you.

As a member you may have the opportunity to present research topics at BAMP webinars and conferences which enhances your professional development.