My congratulations to the BAMP Executive. Perhaps this letter will highlight some of the challenges you face from a
historical perspective.

I would like to make a few comments about BAMP, an organisation to which I have been paying annual subscriptions
since 1987 till date (32 years), and in which I have served as the Editor of the BAMP bulletin for 9 years, roughly between
1992 and 2001. When I was invited to ‘revive’ the Bulletin, no Bulletin had been published since the previous 18 months.
In my last 3 years as editor, and if I may add, I was the main contributor of articles to the Bulletin as well, there were 6,
6, and 5 bulletins produced annually. There was a specific ‘challenge’ with the production of the 6th bulletin in my final
year, resulting in my resignation as the Editor of the Bulletin.